magic-portals-thumbEveryone loves to play a good slot machine game but not everyone likes the same things in a slots game. That is why there are so many different kinds with different themes, reels, bonuses and more. Each game brings you into a new world for a different experience and a whole new kind of adventure. Slots are not just a mere way to pass the time.

Each version now has character and a special secret to be found. Escaping into these different worlds can be a real way for people to get out of their own lives for a little while and go to a place of adventure, magic, old time casinos, bright colors and so much more depending on the kind of game they chose. They enter a world that is fairer and allows them at least the chance of winning and the promise of adventure through gambling. Slots, as you can now see are much more than you might have thought they were before.

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The World

This particular slot game is filled with nothing but magic. You get to live in a world of fire and ice where a magic portal brings you to another place filled with wizards and warlocks that can cast spells and do magic. It is a place where the regular rules don’t apply and only those who can get the hang of this magical world can win the big money. In fact there is nothing regular about it, even the graphics are more than expected. And isn’t that the real point of playing such a game? To get away from the monotony of reality and bring yourself to this other world for magical adventures that never cease to amaze?

Rules and Bonuses

In this game of magic and intrigue there are 25 play lines. There are also 2 magic portals that can take any 2 like symbols that land on both portals at the same time and send them away to another place bringing back wilds and free spins in their places, not just in those two spots but anywhere that the symbols that landed on the portals were on the screen. Yes, every like symbol on every reel is magically transformed into a wild or free spin for you to win much more easily. The wilds act as a way to make two matching symbols into three with the wild acting as the third of a kind. The free spins allow you to keep spinning without spending any of your own coins. You can win up to 64,000 coins at any time in the game and each wild or free spin gets you that much closer to a bigger payout.

Where do you play it?

This game is a mobile slot game allowing you to play Magic Portals Slot on your computer, cell phone, tablet or any other device that you may have. And don’t worry about overloading your device either. This game is designed to be simple at its core but with graphics that are sure to amaze and mystify you. While the graphics are so great, they don’t weight heavily on your devices.

So come to this world of wonder in Magic Portals Slot and play a game of magical adventure. Now that you know everything about the game you should be able to catch on very quickly and have no trouble at all winning as much as you can. With all of the wilds and free spins out there on the board it is easier to get a win than on a lot of other games. That is just one more thing that makes Magic Portals Slot special.

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T&C Apply, 18+ Only

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