mobile-rouletteRoulette, a popular casino game derives its name from a French word meaning little wheel. The punters bet on a number, colors like black or red, series of numbers and state of the resultant number i.e. even or odd. The dealer spins the wheel in a particular direction, and a ball spun in the opposite direction runs along the circumference of the wheel around a tilted track. Eventually, the ball lands in one of the 38 numbered and colored pockets.

The players can place inside bets and outside bets. The former refers to bets in which the player selects the definite numbered pocket where the ball will land, or a series of pockets depending on the proximity with respect to the layout. The latter refers to bets where the player chooses a bigger range of pockets, color or the status of the resultant number. The winner receives a payout based on the probability of the outcome.

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Few casinos use different colored chips at the roulette table to distinguish players placing inside bets. Players can place their bets while the ball is spinning until the dealer stops them from doing so. A winner is determined by the dealer by using a marker, termed dolly, to determine the number and the color that has won. Once the dealer places the dolly on the roulette table, players cannot place, collect or remove any of the bets. The dealer takes out the losing bets and declares the payouts. The dealer removes the marker, winners place new bets, the winning bets are placed on the table and the game continues in the same fashion. The pockets of the roulette wheel are numbered from 1 to 36.

Numbers on the table range between 1 and 10 as well as 19 and 28, the color of odd numbers is red and that of even numbers is black. Odd numbers falling between 11 and 18 or 29 and 36 are coded black in color while, even numbers falling between the same range has the color code red. Two green color pockets are numbered 0 and 00. The American style roulette table with a wheel at one end is now used in most casinos. Inside bets can be classified as single, split, basket, street, top line, square, six line and the trio. Outside bets include manqué, passé, black or red, dozen bets, column bets, odd or even, and snake bets. Various casinos follow different rules for betting, the most popular being used nowadays is that of dozen bets. Single-dozen and double-dozen bets can be placed by a player. In a single-dozen bet, the player gradually increases the stakes from minimum to maximum; the objective being to win the bet before the list ends.

Various techniques like bets on the previous dozens appearing in the last 15 spins or betting on the first dozen after a gap of 7 spins. Double-dozen bets are those in which the player utilizes 24 bets and single –dozen bets equaling half the size of the stack list. Few etiquettes should be followed by the players to conduct a smooth game. Players unable to reach the table can avail call bets and any kind of exchanges should take place between two spins.

Roulette has become widely popular after the game has been used by the film directors in their creative production. Famous movies like Casablanca, Mission Impossible, Toy Story 3, Madagascar 3, the Sting and many other films have shown actors having a great passion for the game. Nowadays casinos have integrated this amazing game with their electronic consoles. You can easily download the game on your Android smart phones too.

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