south_park_touch_logoMobile games are such an incredibly convenient way of keeping yourself entertained. You can take them anywhere you like and they completely negate those periods which would previously have been filled with boredom. Idly twiddling thumbs has become a thing of the past, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

Slots are some of the most popular mobile games available, with millions of people downloading slots games to play on their phones and tablets. There is a kind of hypnotic satisfaction to watching the wheels spin, waiting to see the results revealed with captivating, well animated graphics. Putting money on the line adds yet another dimension to the appeal of slots games because of the anticipation it creates when you know that a real money jackpot could be waiting for you anytime you spin the wheels.

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South Park

South Park Slot by NetEnt puts a new twist on the slots genre by adapting the massively successful, comedy TV show into a slots game. If classic slots games are beginning to lose their lustre then South Park Slot could be the perfect choice of mobile slots game for you. On top of the unique, classic South Park art style there are a multitude of features which can turn the game on its head.


  • Bonus Cartman Game – Possibly the funniest character in South Park gets his own bonus game mode. Hilarious antics ensue as Cartman tries to find hippies hiding in bushes to earn coins.
  • Bonus Kenny Game – Everyone knows that safety isn’t always Kenny’s top priority. In this extra game mode you are tasked with guiding Kenny across a busy road, accumulating coins as you go.
  • Kyle Bonus Spins – Kyle has the power to grant you ten free spins, and the possibility of earning extra spins as you go.
  • Stan Bonus Spins – When you are using Stan’s bonus spins, you get the chance of sticky wilds which stay on the reels for a number of spins.
  • Terrence and Philip Wilds – Even in normal play South Park’s Canadian duo are liable to show up, granting you extra wilds on certain reels.
  • Hankey Wilds – Like Terrence and Philip, be prepared for Mr. Hankey to show up with some extra wilds occasionally during your normal play.

The Game

The South Park Slot game itself has some solid and extremely generous fundamental elements:

  • A 96.7% payout Percentage
  • 25 lines across 5 reels shown in 3 rows.
  • Wilds, Sticky Wilds and Bonuses.

Classic Slots, Classic South Park

From the hilarious intro scene (which involves Kenny having a run-in with a slots machine) onwards, South Park is a perfect blend of the humour you love from the TV show with the captivating gameplay of a well designed slots game. All aspects have been deliberately made with this goal in mind, to meld the two elements together into something which fans will appreciate.

The two most distinctive features of the South Park TV show are the humour and the art. Both of this elements are captured perfectly by South Park Slots. Obviously the characters on the reels themselves are exactly the same as their television counterparts but they are just stationary images on a moving reel. It’s much more impressive when you see South Park character come to life in your slots game. Whether it’s Terrence and Philip jumping, chasing and farting around the screen to bring you wilds, Kyle kicking Ike to generate bonus spins or Cartman running around spraying hippies in bushes, every part of the game has the distinct feel of a South Park Episode in terms of both humour and art.

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T&C Apply, 18+ Only


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