multihand-blackjackBlackjack, a very popular game played in American casinos, it is gaining world-wide recognition. The objective of the game, also called ‘twenty-one’, is to beat the dealer. A strategy needs to be applied by the player where he can achieve a total score that is higher than the dealer but not more than 21 points. The rules of this high profile game have witnessed many changes since its inception in 1960.

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Several 52-card decks minus the joker cards are combined together and the game is played on a table having a special gaming design. There is a dealer permanently employed by the casino who simultaneously plays against six to eight challengers, each having a separate table. After the initial two cards are dealt, each player places his bet with the various colored chips having different monetary values.

A frequent reshuffling of the cards makes the game thrilling and entertains the players.
The minimum and maximum limits for bets on each table are set before the game begins. The maximum limit generally varies between ten and twenty times the amount placed as the minimum bet. The game can have one out of these four possible results – lose, win, blackjack and push.

In case, a player wins blackjack the player wins an amount equal to one and a half times the amount placed as the initial bet. A push allows the player to continue his initial bet. Important terms associated with the game are hit, split, stand, surrender and double down.

Initially, two cards are given, with players keeping their cards faced up while the dealer has one card facing down and another faced down. The players calculate the total value of the cards. Face cards carry 10 points each, number cards score their face value and an Ace card scores 1 or 11 points as desired by the player. The game continues in a clockwise direction starting from the left of the dealer. The player can avail side rules of insurance, surrender and splitting to his advantage only once and declare.

The game goes on till a player is strong in challenging the dealer or the points go over 21 or the player loses. If the dealer has 21 points with the initial two cards, he cannot take any more cards. If another player also wins blackjack at the same instance, the result is declared as a push and the bet is continued by the concerned player.

On the contrary, the dealer must take more cards if the cards total up to a sum below 17; otherwise he will continue playing without taking any more cards. Another result possible is that of a showdown, where the dealer loses and the remaining players win the game. Players getting blackjack win a bonus along with the bet amount. Sometimes a player can opt for doubling down, i.e. he places an amount higher than the original bet and gets an extra card initially.

Blackjack is a popular social game where the players get a platform to interact with each other and have fun together in forming a collective strategy against the dealer. With its increasing popularity, blackjack tournaments having several rounds are organized where competitors begin with the same quantity of chips and the objective is to triumph among others and finish on top. The least ranked player is eliminated after few rounds.

Electronic gaming consoles have blackjack as an amazing option for passionate gamers. Blackjack has become an interesting feature for TV shows like fun quiz shows of Gambit and Catch 21. The numerous variations of the game include Spanish 21, Blackjack switch, 21st Century Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, Super Fun 21 and Multiple Action Blackjack.

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