Royal Panda CasinoThe Royal Panda Mobile Casino and the parent Royal Panda Casino are both went on line less than a year ago, March 2014. Royal Panda was formed by ten veterans of online casino gaming. Some players and some techs; they wanted to develop a better casino experience. They were successful. NetEnt the leading industry Fansite has given Royal Panda Casino a four star rating and are ranked 22nd in the industry.

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T&C Apply, 18+ Only

Getting Started

Like any other game app you will find Royal Panda Casino in the app store on your phone. If you play on your pc, just download and get started playing on the move with your existing login. First time users can follow the instructions to enjoy their games on the move and later on the pc. It is a flexible system that way.

The developers wanted a more generous experience with their new game so they started with a $100 bonus with your first deposit. This has generated praise from NetEnt and their players.
As you play there are different bonuses available and there are loyalty points associated with play whether you win or not, you can accumulate points and cash them in.

The Games

Royal Panda Casino uses the NetEnt Touch Mobile games that combined with the generosity and customer service make for a great playing experience. There are more than 70 games available and you can choose from
·         Progressive Slots: such as Isis Meg Moolah or Touch Keno
·         Thrilling Slots: Game of Thornes, or Alien Touch
·         Classic Table Games: Roulette or Blackjack
·         Brand new Classics like Tornado: Farm Escape

The Bonus Offers

As a hint of what the differences look like at Royal Panda Casino, they have a new, and limited time opportunity for their members who “play for real”. Royal Panda Casino has adopted a real 6kg baby panda and is offering its players the opportunity to meet the Royal Baby Panda, spend some time with him, feed him, and in general spend some time in China. You must conquer certain challenges to become eligible.

Other bonus offers that have become popular with NetEnt mobile reviewer and the players include:
·         Bamboo Bonus: This is a monthly bonus! You only need to make a deposit and select the bamboo bonus and you can get up to 30% more Royal Panda playing money
·         Welcome Bonus: As was mentioned above, just for making your first deposit the Royal Panda will match you up to $100.00 of playing money.
·         Loyal Panda Program: Royal Panda players win even when they don’t win. Every time you play real money games you will receive points just for playing. Points can be redeemed for real items in the Loyal Panda Shop.
·         Other Perks: There are tournaments and free spins and variety of other ways to win on Royal Panda Mobile Casino. All of the information about the bonus offers and perks are clearly defined on the main site.

Other Features

It is no secret that the best way to enjoy Royal Panda Mobile Casino is to “play for real” with real wagers; however if fun is the only thing you are looking for, you will be comfortable here too. All of the Royal Panda games are available to just “play for fun”.

Royal Panda understands the fickle character of Lady Luck so they have provided the option of using their Hot and Cold Slots System. This system is designed to give you an edge by helping you determine which slots are hoarding, giving, paid out lately, or due to payout largely.

NetEnt’s review also gave positive reviews for Royal Panda Mobile’s designer’s success at building a site that is more user friendly. Royal Panda would does not bog the players down with rules and restrictions, but offer reasons to want to come back. There terms and conditions are up front and easy to understand. The games are the best in the industry and are up graded regularly. Royal Panda came into being to be a better online and mobile casino option and it has succeeded.

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